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    Big Data Analytics

    Big Data is an endless source of vital information. If deciphered efficiently it can prove to be an asset in making better informed and faster decisions, and responding to shifts in the marketplace.

    As the world is becoming more digital and connected, the usage of Big Data and Big Data Analytics is on the rise across most of the sectors. This is creating new requirements, not only for data collection and storage, but also for advanced software to process, exploit, disseminate and analyse that information and turn it into actionable intelligence. With this ever growing volume of varied forms of data, the need for a robust Big Data Analytics platform for an organization is now more than ever.

    PertSol’s Big Data Analytics platform understands and caters to the needs of Government Authorities, law enforcement agencies and Communication Service Providers amongst several others.

    An organization making use of Pertsol’s Big Data Analytics product suite opens up to a seemingly endless resource of actionable insights for better decision making. Several forms of data which often remained untapped by conventional Business Intelligence and analytics programs can now be uncovered by our Big Data Analytics platform with specialised products to suit.



    Our Portfolio

    PertSol iAnalyze Fraud Management system supports the businesses affected by these events by providing data mining, unparalleled and field-proven advanced analytics that efficiently calculates and monitors statics to detect existing anomalies across the revenue stream and thus mitigate frauds via automated deprovisions.

    At PertSol we understand the value of the abundance of unclassified data. Our in house tool iAnalyze OSINT provides both defensive and offensive methods to read, process and integrate the data along with analysing and providing detailed reports for various use . I

    Solution Benefits
    Fraud Detection
    Agile and Scalable
    Cost Saving
    Time Reduction
    Faster, better decision making
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