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    Enabling cities worldwide to access lifesaving location technology

    Situation Analysis
    Building solutions for a better quality of life.
    Pert Telecom Solutions (PertSol) creates best-in-class custom software applications and offers professional project management services. With offices in Mumbai and Gurugram, India, PertSol focuses on innovation for telecoms and government agencies.
    PertSol’s expertise lies in Telecom Core Network (TCN), Telecom Compliance Management (TCM) and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. In TCN and TCM services, PertSol’s technology helps telecom service providers effectively and efficiently run their networks while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. Increasingly, PertSol is using this expertise to design locationbased services (LBS) for telecom companies to integrate into their offerings.
    Making the world more secure.
    PertSol began developing LBS solutions, believing they could make the world a safer place in the face of rapid urbanization. LBS solutions can help with emergency call tracking, effective fleet management, location-based advertising and other locationbased, value-added services.
    Fulfilling the need for a global partner.
    Given the number of “smart cities” projects worldwide that are helping improve urban living, PertSol’s goal was to launch its LBS solution, called iLocator, quickly. The one major hurdle to overcome was the need for an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partner with global services and an open-architecture approach to help launch iLocator. Moreover, the PertSol team wanted the peace of mind that while it focused on developing solutions, its OEM partner would be committed to designing an in-market solution that would differentiate iLocator, increasing its potential for success.
    Design Partnership
    Partnering with Dell Technologies OEM Solutions.
    Working together, OEM Solutions assisted PertSol in designing and implementing the iLocator platform, which includes Dell EMC PowerEdge servers, PowerScale storage, networking solutions and OptiPlex desktops. “From the start, Dell Technologies OEM Solutions was committed to the success of PertSol’s iLocator,” says Gurjot S Sandhu, director and chief business officer at PertSol.
    Making LBS intelligent across the world with OEM Solutions.
    • Ensuring class-leading solution performance to help differentiate iLocator from competing solutions.
    • Sharing engineering expertise with the PertSol team to maximize the efficiency of development processes.
    • Assisting PertSol in launching iLocator globally.
    • Helping PertSol’s customers deploy iLocater faster, saving 7-9 months on average.
    “Dell Technologies OEM Solutions’ technical support was critical during deployment, and together we ensured iLocator was tested and validated to meet the high standards of telecom companies and government agencies worldwide.”
    The partnership between Dell Technologies OEM Solutions and PertSol created a new in-market iLocator design for the platform’s global audience. Support from OEM Solutions included the following:
    Gurjot S Sandhu
    Director and Chief Business Officer
    Pert Telecom Solutions
    Ensuring cities are safer.
    Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL), which owns one of the largest telecom networks in India, is deploying iLocator to support location-based services for all of its mobile networks. iLocator will help BSNL pinpoint the locations of its mobile subscribers across India and will be able to share it with Law Enforcement Agencies for national security, Emergency Services for sending rescue/relief teams and other location-based applications for the commercial use of location services.
    Expanding to increase safety in growing populations.
    PertSol is now leveraging OEM Solution’s global program management to expand iLocator into Africa and South America. Comments Sandhu, “Multiple engagements are under way for iLocator as telecom companies use LBS to deliver social good among growing populations and pinpoint callers’ positions, which can mean the difference between life and death.”
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