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    iAnalyze-Fraud Management System and Revenue Assurance


    PertSol iAnalyze Fraud Management system & Revenue Assurance platform supports the businesses affected by fraud and revenue leakages by providing data mining, unparalleled and field-proven advanced analytics that efficiently calculates and monitors statics to detect existing anomalies across the revenue stream and thus mitigate frauds via automated deprovisions. It uses a layered approach to deal with the growing complex and sophisticated internal and external fraud, whose velocity and impact are on the increase. The predictive analysis further enables it to predict new scenarios and fraud methods.

    PertSol iAnalyze, is a user-friendly end-to-end web-based solution that monitors customers’, dealers’, or internal users’ consumption behavior and promptly discovers and prevents relevant fraud to reappear. It offers a variety of unique fraud detection and prevention technologies that can significantly increase an Organization’s operational efficiency.

    PertSol iAnalyze’s Network to Business framework is designed to help gain deep insights into various business processes of a telecom operator. It also provides complete control through the entire revenue value chain, comprising the revenue assurance and fraud management controls, business processes, and platform technology, directly addressing an Operator’s risk management strategy objectives.

    It is an end-to-end solution for cross-horizontal and cross-vertical monitoring and in-depth, multi-dimensional, analysis of the entire revenue stream and its processes. It addresses the problems and causes through an analysis of a particular area or a single pair of NEs within a revenue stream.

    iAnalyze platform has been designed to effectively meet the following objectives:

    ‣  iAnalyse’s Process Consistency and Data Accuracy

    ‣  E2E flow(s) automation and processing stability

    ‣  Maximized user configurability & visualization

    iAnalyze can be deployed as either a stand-alone Revenue Assurance/Fraud Management solution or a complete Fraud management and revenue assurance platform. The stand-alone deployment of iAnalyze RA or iAnalyze FM transition to the full iAnalyze Risk Management is subject to seamless expansion or upgrade with no downtime, i.e. a number of functionality (RA or FM) specific modules shall be added to the standalone deployment, and “common modules” shall be reused in a fully integrated manner.

    iAnalyze Features

    Fully Configurable Rule-Based data acquisitions and controls, with drag-and-drop, visualized builders, enabled to define or tune cross-conditional data acquisition rules and control i.e. no costly and time-consuming development of adapters or similar needed.

    Process Workflow Management and Process Execution Control (jOctopus), for fully automated, scheduled and/or condition based process flow(s) creation, editing, control and execution, whether internal iAnalyse tasks or surrounding legacy systems tasks are in matter, also supporting rollback configuration.

    Fully Dynamic iAnalyse Menus and Views Configuration (Application Factory), for personalized iAnalyse views, working area, and deployment that are role and/or credential-based.

    Shared Modules (Data Acquisition & Controls Builder, Rating, Billing, Alarm & Case Management, Data Analysis, KPI Management and jOctopus) , whether iAnalyse is deployed as Fraud or Revenue and Business Assurance solution or as an integrated Risk Management solution, which secures the data acquisition and processing consistency and reusability together with result data integrity through all iAnalyse processes, tasks and flows, i.e. All-in-One solution.

    Genuine, Fully Featured, Rating and Billing, for comprehensive and in-depth legacy billing(s) control and verification also enabled for parallel run of real-time rating and post-paid billing.

    Total Solution Supporting Phased Implementation and reuse of shared components throughout enterprise (Application Factory, jOctopus, Telco-Centric ETL).

    Supported Major Telecom Frauds & Revenue Leakages

    iAnalyse supports detection and prevention of all major frauds and revenue leakages encountered by telecom operator

    File Formats

    iAnalyze supports the following file formats:

    ‣ ASCII File format such as, Comma Separated Files, Pipe  Separated Files, Fix Length Files and Semicolon Separated file

    ‣ Binary File Format (Multiple Dictionary Types)

    ‣ ASN1 File Format

    ‣ XML File Format

    ‣ Radius/AAA File Format

    ‣ Regex Parser Plug-in

    Dashboard & Reports

    The Search Output (result) will be displayed at iAnalyze GUI with help of graphical representation and dashboards. The dashboards can be customized by the user to visualize different reports. Some of the standard dashboards that iAnalyze has are:

    ‣ Volume of traffic for different services (Voice, SMS and Data)

    ‣ Operator wise value of taxes and fees for the services sold

    ‣ Count of each type of mobile money transaction

    ‣ Anomaly or sudden change in traffic

    ‣ Value of each type of mobile money transaction

    ‣ Operator wise service usage count and value

    ‣ MSC/IN reconciliation

    User can customize reports as per their requirement. The search result can also be extracted/exported or saved as a file in CSV, XLS, PDF or text format. The query result can also be sent to multiple destinations either in same format or separate format. The search result can be sent either electronically or manually to these destinations.

    Fig: Count of Data User – Circle Wise

    Fig: Count of Outgoing ISD Usage – Circle Wise

    Fig: Change in Outgoing Usage – Circle Wise

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