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    iAnalyze – OSINT

    With the ever-increasing amount of unstructured data from internal and external sources available in a well-connected digital world, OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence) has come to the rescue as a breakthrough to enable intelligence collection from publicly available unclassified sources.

    Though OSINT is primarily used in Government, Law enforcement agencies for national security it is becoming a key resource for collecting threat intelligence even in enterprise space for business intelligence functions and for penetration testers for digital foot printing in order to assist in Fraud Management techniques.

    At PertSol we understand the value of the abundance of unclassified data. Our in house tool iAnalyze OSINT provides both defensive and offensive methods to read, process and integrate the data along with analysing and providing detailed reports for various use . It’s an excellent means to evaluate what infosec areas you are neglecting to explore, or what will be the next suggested OSINT steps for your investigation.

    Our platform is data agnostic and provides unified view of multiple data sources and can analyse both structured data like spreadsheets, log files etc or unstructured data like documents, videos, images, emails et). Our iAnalyze promises to take unified approach to compliance, fraud, and security and can help in various use case scenarios for the Telecom, Banking and E-commerce sector.

    • Real Time integrated holistic view that enable fraud risk assessment
    • Highly effective surveillance scheme that provides accuracy and precision of fraud
    • Can identify and adapt to new and unpredictable threats and create new rules to further mitigate frauds
    • Reduce risks and save overhead costs
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