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    iLight – Street Lighting System

    Building energy-efficient and sustainable smart cities with brighter and safer streets

    PertSol‘s iLight is an IoT Smart Street Lighting System enabled with LoRa and RF access technologies that offer a detailed individual lamp level control. With the unparalleled growth in urban areas and road development, street lights are an integral part of a developing nation as it improves visibility and makes the citizens feel safer. But the effort and cost required to operate these street lights from nightfall until early morning is enormous and often leads to a waste of energy, and money and reduces the life of the illuminators.

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    PertSol’s iLight is an IoT Smart Street Lighting System enabled with LoRa and RF access technologies that offers a detailed individual lamp level control. With iLight, every light point is connected to an intelligent control system that delivers high-quality and reliable illumination based on pre-set area schedules.

    The iLight Street Light Control Software offers an advanced analytic tool which provides data driven insights to control street lights and analyze lighting data through remote control management thus improving delivery of light where it’s needed the most.

    Key Features
    Easy to install with plug and play feature

    iLight is a fully integrated solution for public lighting that fits in existing Infrastructure as well as new lights easily and quickly. Existing LED street lights that are not iLight compatible only require a mount of iLight RF controller on individual pole to make them Smart. Also, the iLight node is compatible with all luminaire vendors.

    Reduced operating expenses

    iLight offers substantial savings per year with reduced manpower cost while optimizing your existing resources. iLight analyses system parameters that help in informed decision-making thus reducing outages and monitor wastage for a better and smarter city lighting system.

    Creating a sustainable future

    With iLight you can achieve high energy savings. opt for Solar power option available with Smart Lighting through our partners for enhanced sustainable and future ready smart city. Make a sustainable choice and help reduce in the CO2 emission for a greener tomorrow

    Enriched Experience

    The entire lighting system is controlled and managed in a flexible and efficient way via web and smartphone with a multilingual interface option. The remote control of light intensity for each lamp allows automatic day and night on/off and dimming option.

    Unique Managed services

    A completely customizable solution based on your requirements. iLight Smart Lighting system is available in Lease Option, Pay as your earn (savings!) and as a fully managed service

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