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    iMDEG-Intelligent Mobile Data Exchange Gateway

    Intelligent Mobile Data Exchange Gateway

    PertSol’s iMDEG is a next generation Mobile Data Exchange Gateway  services  that provides packet data services for 2G, 3G, 4G and other radio technologies, which is built from the ground up and is optimized for Virtualized Environments. It is an IP based core network infrastructure that enables IP-based communications and services over wireless. PertSol iMDEG can perform multiple network functions in a combination of multiple elements, depending upon the access technology, like:

    • Packet Data Network Gateway (PDN-GW)
    • Serving Gateway (S-GW)
    • Mobility Management  Entity (MME)
    • Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF)
    • Gateway GPRS Support Node (GGSN)

    PertSol’s iMDEG EPC is inter operable solution for the most radio vendors and provide great compatibility which is based on open standard architecture framework and integration. iMDEG can be deployed on-premise or on-private cloud in a varied situation to meet the business needs: TSP, Private LTE, and core network evolution from EPC to 5G. The deployment flexibility simplifies operator’s network design by consolidating multiple network functions thus resulting in better operational efficiency. Moreover, PertSol iMDEG supports Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and cloud-based architectures to further improve cost and operational efficiencies.

    Fig: General EPC Architecture

    Fig: CUPS Architecture

    Network Functionalities
    • Support for enhanced
      • Data & Content charging & filtering
      • Network based traffic optimization,
      • IP application detection and optimization,
      • Stateful firewall & NAT translation
      • lawful intercept
    • Acts as an interface, contains routing information and a router to external networks
    • Tunnel packets through the IP based internal backbone
    • Collects charging data
    • Packet filter for incoming traffic
    • Packet inspection
    • Gateway with online charging system
    • Gateway with policy control server
    • Session Management
      • PDP context activation
      • PDP context modification
      • Network Initiated PDP context deactivation
    • S-GW Serving Gateway routes and forward the user data packets.
    • Responsible for inter-eNB handovers in the U-plane and provides mobility between LTE and other types of networks, such as between 2G/3G and P-GW.
    • The DL data from the UEs in idle state is terminated at the SGW, and arrival of DL data triggers paging for the UE.
    • SGW keeps context information such as parameters of the IP bearer and routing information and stores the UE contexts when paging happens.
    • Responsible for replicating user traffic for lawful interception
    • Collecting charging data
    • Controls subscribers in its service area (SLR), Overload Control
    • Mobility Management
      • Routing Area Update (Location Registration)
      • Location Update for CS
      • Attach / Detach
      • P-TMSI allocation / reallocation
      • Authentication
    • Session Management
      • PDP context activation/modification/cancellation
    • Mobility management functions:
      • State model
      • Detach
      • Handover
      • TAU
      • Tracking area management
      • Attach
      • Tracking area update
      • Access Restriction function
      • Multi-PDN connection
      • Paging and service request
      • ODB function
      • Purge UE
    • Session Management
      • EPS bearer modification
      • EPS bearer activation
      • EPS bearer deactivation
      • UE AMBR management
    • Selection Function
      • PDN GW
      • Serving GW
      • MME selection function
      • SGSN selection function
    • Network management function
    • APN correction Function
    Interface Support
    • Rx, Gi, Gx, Gxc, Gy, Gn, Gb, Gd, Gp, Gr, Gs, Gf,
    • S1-U, S11, S5/S8, S4, S12
    • SGi, S5, S2a, S2b, Sxb
    • S1-MME, S6a, S13, S11, S10, S3, SGS
    • Subscriber Profile Policy
    • Network Policy
    • Location Policy
    • Volume and Quota Policy
    • Time Policy
    • Device Policy
    • Content Policy
    Key Features and Capabilities

    PertSol’s IMDEG provides multi-service modular software architecture that delivers the following:

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