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    Location Enabled Emergency Services (LEES)

    In an emergencies or moments leading up to an emergency establishing the accurate location of the people in distress is quintessential aspect of an effective and prompt Emergency Service. If the location of distress caller is not automatically made available to call taker or dispatch team, it delays in providing effective and timely response to the emergency calls.

    It has been observed across the globe that a distress caller while making call to location enabled emergency services is in a state of shock and is not always in a lucid state to respond to the operator’s questions. Therefore most of the emergency services throughout the world try to keep these questions to the minimum. In such scenarios knowing a person’s location, not only reduces the time taken to gather the caller’s information but also gives an assurance to the caller that HELP IS ON ITS WAY!

    PertSol understands the importance of public safety and has conceptualized a Location Enabled Emergency Service that provides Government Agencies and other Emergency Services an instant and accurate location retrieval capability to serve the people better.

    Our Location Intelligence platform has been built with the core purpose of improving effectiveness and efficiency of tracking location of callers to enable faster and timely response. This makes our solution of paramount help to emergency service providers like police, medical, fire and disaster rescue teams.


    iLocator is an advance Location Intelligence Platform, designed and developed to cover all location tracking needs of Law Enforcement Agencies, Emergency Response Teams and other National Security Agencies. iLocator was developed after deep understanding of the gaps and limitation of existing LBS platforms and needs of various users and subscribers for the system.

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    Solution Benefits
    Drastic reduce in response time
    Intelligent and accurate location tracking
    Ready-to-use solution.
    No Human Intervention
    Reduced call taking time resulting in lesser call takers
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