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    OTT VoIP

    VoIP – Introduction

    Voice traffic has been the main telecom service in OTT VOIP since the inception of mobile telephony. It is still relevant and is increasing as well in this day and age of mobile data and IP-based technology.

    VoIP Calls can be captured by a Lawful Interception at an ISP and distributed to authorized Lawful Interception. VoIP Interception is a term used to describe when a provider delivers audio over an IP network (such as the internet), by passing the traditional operator’s network completely.

    VoIP providers are a growing factor within telecommunications networks, with advances in technology such as smartphones, high-speed IP networks, and open-source platforms all fueling the increase in adoption rates.

    VoIP – Lawful Interception

    Lawful Interception of VoIP is a complex process with challenges like :

    • Many parties are typically involved in transporting data over the Internet.
    • Target source & destination identities of the information flow are embedded within the overall flow of data.
    • Target & Non-target data are tightly intermingled in the bit flows at numerous points throughout the Internet.
    • The separation of applications and relevant data from the overall data stream.
    • Lack of standards implementations.
    • There are limited network elements which can provide IRI and CC of the target.

    Overcoming the above challenges and complying 100% to international standards PertSol offers non- intrusive passive interception approaches for the interception of VoIP calls. Supporting real time fanout of voice calls for LEA’s over SIP or E1.

    Our Solution support various type of interception traffic for OTT platforms used IMS domain (IP Multimedia Subsystem):

    • Voice calls (VoIP)
    • Video calls
    • Video conferencing
    • Call forwarding or multi-participant calls
    • SMS
    • Data Flow

    The PertSol’s iNtercepter solution support both Mass and Target centric interception of the traffic depending upon the MNO’s network and requirement:

    •  Interception via SBC
    • Interception via Edge routers
    Passive Interception

    In Passive Interception, PertSol uses its iNteliProbe which functions as an LI Access Point and investigates the tapped traffic data.

    PertSol’s iNteliProbe is the state of the art passive probes providing interception support for vast range of protocols, network type, filtering capabilities, metadata analysis etc.

    Advance Features:

    • Support for 100Gbps duplex traffic in single probe.
    • Support L2 to L7 network traffic filtering and Analysis.
    • Deep packet inspection (DPI) for traffic to provide InSite info like Apps detail, URL categorization etc.
    • Support more than 10,000 concurrent VoIP calls.
    • Automated re-provisioning for detecting network changes.
    • Stealthily intercept the traffic without revealing its identity.

    It requires passive taps at appropriate point like SBC or Edge routers to mirror the complete traffic. LIM Generic functional architectural solution flow for interception:

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