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    PertSol’s Covid-19 Contact Tracing solution

    Governments all over the world are fighting the wide-spread of Coronavirus.  

    To avoid further spread of coronavirus and allow people to work it is imperative for the authorities to:

    • Stop people from having mass gatherings
    • Analyzing the past movement and interaction of COIVD-19 patients/suspects to quickly track all possible people who might have come in contact with the patient/suspect
    • Real-time monitoring of people movement in containment zones
    • Real-time location tracking of recovered COVID-19 patients until they are Quarantined.

    We provide covid-19 contact tracing tools to authorities for fighting Coronavirus by real-time tracking of patients, suspects, possibly contaminated people amongst many things. Our solution will provide a holistic overview of each and every step taken by COVID-19 patients or people who might have come in contact. Our solution has multiple modules and authorities can choose these modules as per there requirement:

    1. PertSol iAnalyze Appliance – Centralised analytics and data-mining platform for COVID-19 tracking.
      • Link analysis of COVID-19 patient and his interaction – Complete relationship analyses of all the people who might have come in contact with the patient
      • Find all levels of interaction right from patient to his accomplice, from accomplice to next level up-to Nth level analysis
      • Track group interactions
      • Identify and fingerprint quarantine areas and find anomalies or changes
      • Highlight any movements of quarantine patients
      • Capable of analyzing all types of records include CDR, IPDRs, Packet Data Records, Sigtran logs, Session logs, third party application logs, etc.
    2. PertSol iLocator Appliance – Location tracking platform for getting the accurate location of persons of interest.

    3. PertSol iNteliProbe – Mass location tracking platform. PertSol iNteliProbes processes signaling and communication traffic up to 40Gbps per probe.
      • Identification of mass gathering
      • Movement and interaction tracking of people
      • Fingerprinting to see new entrants and people who exit containment zones
      • Define lockdown periods and highlight violators

    4. PertSol iAlert – Mass Alert & notification System
      • Integrates with Government’s ePass Management System and send movement ePass over SMS/WhatsApp
      • Disseminate location-based alerts to citizens over SMS-Text/SMS-CB

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