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    Remote Access System – PertSol iRAS - Remote Access Server

    PertSol’s  (iRAS) offers scalable, mobile-ready secure access to enterprise applications and cloud services for any user, anywhere and on any device! It truly offers protection of data while enabling true anywhere-to-anywhere connectivity! As a robust secure access solution, it addresses the security and availability requirements for remote users as well as mobile devices.

    PertSol’S Remote Access System (iRAS) designed to fit seamlessly into any centralized enterprise network ensuring secure access to people from remote locations. It requires a minimal amount of network configuration and absolutely no client, server, or application reconfiguration, providing an order-of-magnitude improvement in application delivery with minimal upfront time and effort.


    • Access Direct – supports web-based, layer-3 and specific client-server and thin-client application access. It delivers a fast, customized end-user experience.
    • Desktop Direct – It enables workers to seamlessly access their desktops/PCs from any location as if they were in the office. Using a standard web browser, any device can remotely view and control employee PCs located in office.
    • Authentication and Authorisation – It offers integration with variety of authentication methods ranging from AD, LDAP, Secure ID, Radius, local database, client certificates and multi LDAP support and ranking of 4 different authentication methods.
    • Role Based Access – Authorisation/Group/User based polices ensure role based access control with need to know access to resources.
    • Login Authorisation – Its unique hardware based authorisation control ensures remote users can access the resources from designated assets i.e. company provided laptops etc. Integrated workflow allows users to access the resource after security administration approval. Users and associated with unique client ID that is computed with combination of mac address and HDD ID.
    • Security & LEA Monitoring – It has integrated host checker/ end point security module evaluates security posture of mobile devices i.e. desktop and laptops before granting access to corporate resources. Two stage security checks allow limited access to resources even if device is not complied with security policies. Its reverse proxy architecture offers secure access to backend servers.
    • Web Based – Its intuitive Web based GUI offers real time monitoring, logging, role based access control, delete management of virtual portal for enterprise class management.
    • Encryption – It uses various encryption methods like TLS 1.0/SSL 3.0, TLS 1.1/1.2 – AES128-SHA, AES256-SHA, DES/3DES, SHA/ MD5 – 1024 and 2048-bit keys – SSL session reuse – Certificate field passing to backend – Online/offline CRL – OCSP
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