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    Smart Agriculture System

    Providing IoT based Smart Agricultural solutions to farmers for better yielding

    The current world population of 7.3 billion is expected to reach 8.5 billion by 2030 and 9.7 billion in 2050. This population growth as well as limited resources has put a huge pressure on the farming industry to produce more with less! Today the farmers must stay contend with the limited land availability, increased water shortages, extreme weather condition and rising climatic changes while producing the maximum yield.

    Our smart farming solution helps farmers understand and control to an extent, the different aspects of farming like irrigation, soil moisture, nutrients in the soil, environment factors etc.

    PertSol IoT based Smart Agriculture solutions enable farmers to overcome these challenges through our innovative solutions. We offer an integrated system which takes care of all the factors affecting the productivity in each and every stage. It further allows the farmers to leverage a range of module based solutions to improve their irrigation management and smart farming techniques that uses sensors placed across the farm and monitoring systems to collect and analyze the information which helps them make better and informed decisions to generate a higher yield.

    Smart Irrigation

    Sensor data and analytics can improve the way you monitor and manage irrigation to keep up with demand.

    With the unpredictable climatic changes and growing population, water management is becoming immensely important for both government and the private sector. Understandably, the agribusiness requires an efficient irrigation system and with each year we have more water consumption than rainfall, making it critical for farmers to find ways to smartly utilize the available water resources while achieving the highest yield.

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    Smart Farming Systems

    Making farming processes data-driven and data-enabled!

    PertSol IoT based Smart Farming Systems can help in achieving optimum resource utilization with precision in the farming landscapeto cater to the farmers’ needs from sowing to harvesting.Our solution uses multiple sensors to help framers deliver a higher crop yield while reducing their operational costs and risks related to environment.

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