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    Smart Farming Systems

    Making farming processes data-driven and data-enabled!

    PertSol IoT based Smart Farming Systems can help in achieving optimum resource utilization with precision in the farming landscape to cater to the farmers’ needs from sowing to harvesting. Our solution uses multiple sensors to help framers deliver a higher crop yield while reducing their operational costs and risks related to environment.

    Our advance technology based smart system helps to predict the water requirements of a field by using sensors in the ground on the parameter like, but not limited to soil, crop and environmental conditions along with the weather forecast data from the Internet. The sensing nodes, involved in the ground and environmental sensing, read and analyze soil moisture, soil temperature, air temperature, type and quality of nutrients of soil, Ultraviolet (UV) light radiation, and relative humidity of the crop field and also help farmers to ascertain land that is suitable for farming beforehand.

    Smart Farming Cycle
    Data Collection

    The installed sensors record real time data for various aspects of farming like irrigation, soil composition, moisture and environment etc.

    Data Analysis

    The recorded values are automatically fed into our IoT platform with predefined rules that assess the captured data to provide insights and identify any deficiencies or needs to adjust farming strategy as per the soil and crop requirement.

    Data Driven Insights

    Post data analysis, the platform determines a set of specific actions based on historical datato either trigger alerts or suggest counter measures to be taken by the farmers

    Smart Action

    The insights help the farmers evaluate measures and take informed decision to get the best yield in the most efficient manner.

    With PertSol Smart Farming systems you will benefit with:
    Remote Management

    Farmers can remotely access the captured data to take informed decisions on the various needs of their crops like water, fertilizers and counter measures for adverse weather etc. saves time and effort

    Water conservation

    Weather predictions and soil moisture sensors encourage water use only when and where needed hence eliminating wastage

    Increased quality of production

    Analyzing production quality and results in correlation to treatment can teach farmers to adjust processes to increase quality of product.

    Lowered costs of farming

    Realistic data analysis and insights help increase production per land which reduces overall cost and therefore increases the profit for the farmers.

    Predictive Analysis

    The system allows to archive patterns and predict trends by analyzing historical data. This predictability of quantity & quality of yield combined with reduced cost of operations can help increase productivity and profit for the growers.

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