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    Smart Flood Detection System

    Comprehensive, reliable and safe smart flood detection system monitoring and measurement system

    Floods – the most common disaster and natural hazard in the world, affecting human lives and causing severe economic loss. To minimize the extent of damages caused by flood, warning system should be implemented in high risk areas to warn people.

    Our proposed flood monitoring and detection system uses sensor nodes installed in the sensor field for data collection wherein the parameters are transmitted to the surveillance center. The parameter is to detect and monitor the rising water level and forecast any hazards. When the water reaches a critical level the system analysis related risks to trigger alarm.

    At the command control center, this data is received, processed and information concerning the flood status is then disseminated to the various stakeholders by alerting them. Furthermore, PertSol’s iAlert can work in tandem to further disseminate the warning to the general population in the influenced geological districts by means of Short Message Service (SMS) or Cell Broadcast CBC or voice messages.

    The system saves lives and property by providing alert to disaster relief forces as well as residents to prepare and respond to the threat of flash floods.

    Solution Benefits of implementing PertSol IoT based Smart Water Quality Monitoring System
    • The smart system is proactive instead of predictive thus helping authorities to avoid negative impact on human life
    • Real time information of quality of water helps the authorities to take risk averse measures quickly.
    • Comparison of sensors at various points can help determine the source of pollutants more efficiently
    • Helps the authorities to protect and sustain the delicate balance of the ecosystem with informed decisions based on the insights of the collected data
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