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    Smart Irrigation

    Sensor data and analytics can improve the way you monitor and manage irrigation to keep up with demand.

    With the unpredictable climatic changes and growing population, water management is becoming immensely important for both government and the private sector. Understandably, the agribusiness requires an efficient irrigation system and with each year we have more water consumption than rainfall, making it critical for farmers to find ways to smartly utilize the available water resources whileachieving the highest yield.

    PertSol Smart Irrigation Solution helps farmers in understanding the water requirements of their crop and adjust irrigation strategy as per the need of the soil and crop. It helps farmers avoid water wastage while improving the quality of crop growth in their fields by

    • Irrigating at the correct times
    • Minimizing runoffs and other wastages
    • Determining the soil moisture levels accurately

    Our sensors measure the relevant data like temperature, humidity, solar radiation, ultraviolet, soil oxygen monitoring and leaf and bud temperature. And these sensors allow you to improve productivity based on real facts, for instance, hydric and thermic stress, root growth, photosynthesis. The data gathered is sharedvia Ethernet, GPRS, 3G, 4G, LoRaWAN, Wi-Fietc., where user gets the notifications, customized alerts, detailed charts, field data history and a customizable calendar where user can mark all the relevant events and monitor the risk probabilities for various elements.Creating alarms based on these data, will allow to control water irrigation.

    Smart irrigation is a key component of precision agriculture as it helps in finding the irrigation requirements at any place. Thus saving energy, time, and valuable resources by replacing manual irrigation.

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