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    Smart Parking

    The future of smart  parking systems & solutions

    Not only do drivers find it painful to search for a car park, they spend excessive time searching for one.

    Imagine searching for a car parking for just 10 minutes every day can result in more than 240 hours per year, and an average of 700 complete days in your life!

    Driving around looking for an available car slot not only wastes fuel, produces anxiety but also increases pollution in city centres.

    PertSol’s Smart Parking technology is a unique solution designed to help monitor car parking spaces in places such as shopping malls, city centers, public places etc. Our devices aim to provide real time information to the drivers hunting for free parking spaces in their vicinity quickly and can help streamline traffic, relieve congestion, and improve access to car park areas.

    From the simple parking control in small pockets like shopping centres, hospitals or hotel garages to large complex projects like business setups that require thousands of parking spaces – we provide the best parking solution for the car park

    PertSol smart parking solution includes parking nodes which feature detection system installed either over or under the road. Itruns on a magnetic detection system thatidentifies if a car is parked on a particularspot, by the variation of the magnetic field and weaker signals received. The detection system thencommunicates this received signal strength to the user application using LoRaWAN protocol.

    Our new sensor is equipped with IP68 waterproof and robust enclosure. It can also withstand a temperature variation of -20℃C to 60℃C. Certified with CE and FCC, our new sensor system is fully compatible with LPWAN radio technologies -LoRaWAN to enable long range and low power consumption.

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