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    System Integration (SI) Services

    We offer end-to-end accountability and ownership of your technology landscape helping you focus on your core business

    A successful business needs to concentrate on its core competency without getting overwhelmed by the changing landscape of technology and dynamic business processes. PertSol offers streamlined and seamless IT & Telecom Services to manage and support your technology environment without investing heavily in IT infrastructure and professionals.

    Our IT Services offering helps you in optimizing and reducing costs, improving responsiveness, minimizing downtime and also increase performance of your IT related operations. Our technical expertise backed by service consistency and the flexibility across technology and multiple vendors can help you achieve reduced overheads while improving your operational efficiency.





    Data migration is a challenging process and can involve some significant risks with major business implications, and requires extensive expert attention. A poorly run data migration project can cause extended downtime, lose of data, overrun of deadlines, exceeding budgets, and results in sub-par performance.PertSol offers strategic planning, execution and testing of migrating data, storage, application, cloud and business processes. Despite the difficulty and risks, we ensure a successful project within budgets and deadlineswhile ensuring business continuity.



    It takes the right mix of industry and technology expertise to realize successful software deployments that help you advance your business.During the implementation projects we align with customers’ and partners’ methodologies and incorporate standard project management practices to always keep implementations on target and strategically aligned, so they can produce a faster return on investment.


    Application Integration
    and Migration

    Our application integration services help you connect business systems and supply chain partners to realize high and sustainable returns from your investments in technologies, processes, and business relationships. Our integration and migration experts assist you in designing, configuring, and maintaining application integrations that fit your needs, and which are completely reliable and easy to manage. We can also offer trainings and workshops to enable your team to perform these tasks.



    PertSol’s services essentially entails the administration and management of your IT Infrastructure in order to effectively, efficiently, and proactively utilize technology, information, and data. Pertsol’s IT Infrastructure Management Services transform and automate your IT infrastructure landscape to align better with your business strategies allowing applications to run smoothly without disruptions.


    Professional Services
    for Technology

    If IT is not your core business, developing an efficient and reliable IT strategy can add to the list of challenges you are already confronted with. Let PertSol assist you to create and execute IT strategies to elevatecapabilities, optimize processes, and achieve cost reduction. We work closely with your team to explore the possible outcomes for all strategies and develop a customized technology roadmap best suited for you.

    If you would like to know how PertSol can help optimize your business with Managed IT services, please reach out to us.
    Efficient and Reliable IT Operations

    Our team of specialists will ensure minimal failure of your IT operations with their expert handling. Further, PertSol’s proactive approach to address potential risks will make sure that you won’t have to deal with the system failures and shutdowns that can hinder company’s progress.

    Access to Newer and Evolved Technology

    We employ the latest equipment and technologies, ensuring your services are performed on an up-to-date level. You can count on our continuously upgraded IT systems at no additional cost or financial risk. Also, you have access to enterprise-level services at an affordable rate.

    Cost Reductionand Management

    You will manage your IT budget more efficiently by establishing a long-term partnership with us. We accomplish this by keeping systems updated, reducing hardware costs, maintaining high levels of security and providing expert knowledge all at a fixed monthly rate that’s tailormade to your business needs and budgets.

    Enhanced Security and Compliance

    PertSol follows stringent safety and data management regulations and our processes are designed to provide robust backup and recovery systems, making them highly capable of protecting your data unlikeyour internal IT teams.

    Unlock Scalability and Agility

    Our clients can build their business capacity to scale over a reliable IT platform provided by PertSol. We enable quicker upgradation and adaptation to the emerging technologies, helping youleverage advantagewith a smooth IT operations managed by us.

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