iGMLC-Intelligent Gateway Mobile Location Centre

iGMLC-Intelligent- Gateway- Mobile-Location- Centre

Intelligent Gateway Mobile Location Based Services

Intelligent Gateway Mobile location based services provide information about the geographic location and enable the system to collect and use or share location (latitude and longitude) information for connecting UEs in support of a variety of location services. Accurate location-based services (LBS), GMLC are the basic need for many public & business operations such as disaster management, emergency services, lawful Interception , fleet management, and various other value-added services to fulfill the market needs.

Business Drivers

For many years, Satellite-based GPS (Global Positioning System), assisted GPS (A-GPS), NAVIK, and other systems have been introduced within mobile devices that use cellular services to track devices by their Cell ID (CID). But these methods have limitations in their own way to track devices.

Also, many Communication/Telecom Service Providers are non-compliant to the LCS
requirement for emergency services as mandated by Government Regulators and also have not yet scratched the top of the potential of the location services for commercial activities.

iGMLC Overview: Intelligent Gateway Mobile Location Centre

PertSol iGMLC is a part of PertSol’s complete location-based services, which define the process of mapping the received coordinates (latitude and longitude) in a well-defined universal format, to the geographical area and sending this information back to the requested services.

iGMLC is the first point of contact for an external LCS client in a PLMN. On receiving a location request for a mobile user, iGMLC requests routing information from HLR/HSS. After performing registration authorization, it sends positioning requests to either VMSC, SGSN, MSC or MME and receives the final location estimates from the corresponding entity. 

iGMLC’s flexible integration adapters allows it to integrate with other GMLCs to identify the location of roaming subscribers.

iGMLC also has in-built Location Retrieval Function (LRF) which is responsible for retrieval or validation of location information. It also provides routing and/or correlation information of an UE that has initiated an IMS Emergency session. Currently, iGMLC supports location-based services in GSM (2G), UMTS (3G), and LTE interception(4G) networks, with roadmap for 5G network support. It supports 3GPP as well OMA standards for Location based services. 

Location Service Functional Architecture
iGMLC: Salient Features
  • Interworking with external LCS Clients – iGMLC supports interworking with both commercial and emergency services to provide location of the target. Supports standard mobile location platform (MLP) API for integration with third party LCS clients/applications.

  • Interworking with core network elements – iGMLC supports integration with core network elements (like MSC/HLR/VLR/SGSN) of all the major NEPs like Nokia, Ericsson, Alcatel, Huawei, ZTE and others.

  • Interworking with Peer GMLC – iGMLC is capable of interoperating with GMLCs of other vendors over Lr interface to obtain the location of out roamers.

  • S 7 & DIAMETER Support – iGMLC supports S 7 for 2G/3G deployments and DIAMETER for LTE Deployments.

  • Billing Information Collection – iGMLC is capable of collecting and forwarding all the information related to the location attempts by Ues.
iGMLC: Interfaces
iGMLC: Value Proposition

iAnalyze – Quality Assurance

Complete solution for monitoring telecom operator’s network quality as well as monitoring quality of experience from the end user’s perspective.

PertSol iAnalyze – Quality Assurance provides a complete overview of the performance of different services offered by telecom operators. It provides testing and service assurance for 2G, 3G, 4G, CDMA,5G networks, and WiFi.

In today’s highly competitive telecommunications industry and the rapidly growing range & sophistication of end-user services, are providing an opportunity for Operators to implement and manage services more effectively & efficiently. This helps telecom operators to provide a high-quality service experience at best the place, to realize the potential for new revenues and customer satisfaction.

PertSol iAnalyze – Quality Assurance is a next-generation solution that gathers data, together with positioning information, directly from the subscriber’s commercial mobile phone. It provides insight into the telecom operators about their network quality and the quality of different services being offered. It also helps operators understand the Quality of Experience from their subscriber’s outlook as well.

PertSol iAnalyze also assists Regulators to ensure that telecom operators are conforming to the QoE/QoS requirements laid out by their respective telecom authorities.

PertSol iAnalyze – Quality Assurance Use Cases:

Benefits to Operators:

  • Quality of Network & Service:
    • Improving network and service quality using the input from your end-users
    • Ensuring SLA promises for e.g. corporate customers and VIPs
    • Collecting information also when out of network coverage and being abroad
    • Targeting service and network optimization to the real customer experience
    • Network optimization and improving network as per benchmark of competitors
    • Identify locations with poor service like poor coverage, high network latency, or low data speed
  • Customer Behavior:
    • Pre-launch product Analysing
    • Enhance Marketing & Campaign Success
    • Trend & Trait of customer’s usage behavior
    • Service & Offering Personalization
    • Reduce subscriber churn
    • Enhance Product Portfolio baseline & packaging

Benefits for Regulators:

  • Helps monitor the quality of experience of end-users
  • Quickly identify non-conformance of telecom operators for their network and service quality
  • Helps enforce QoS and QoE compliance
  • Collect end-user feedback regarding QoE in form of a questionnaire or custom text message