iHSS-Home Subscriber Server

Home Subscriber Server

iHSS-Unified Subscriber Information Management Solution

Pertsol’s Home Subscriber Server is a complete solution for managing subscriber information that contains subscriber information, device profile, and state information. It has been designed to cater to authentication, authorization, and mobility management functions for various networks i.e. GSM, UMTS, LTE, IMS, WiFi, and IoT network.

Business Drivers

  • Manage subscribers’ data and authentication across the network technologies
  • Provide high Quality of services along with innovative services
  • Support open standard, high scalability & availability along with Cloud ready virtualization

Single Solution for Multiple Functions

     iHSS is a one stop solution which unifies multiple functions in one solutions. It includes:

  • Home Location Register (HLR) for 2G & 3G network
  • Home Subscriber Server (HSS) for LTE and IMS network
  • Authentication Centre (AuC) for 2G & 3G network
  • Equipment Identitiy Register (EIR)
  • Subscriber Location Function (SLF)
  • Authentication Server Function (AUSF) for 5G network
  • Unified Data Management (UDM) for 5G network

Interworking between different networks

iHSS Home Subscriber server is capable of interworking between legacy, present day and future networks. It support 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, IMS, Wi-Fi & IoT networks. It is capable of integrating with VLRs and MME  implemented across GSM and LTE network operator.



  • Support All-IP network compatible SS7, SIGTRAN, Diameter, Radius, MAP, RESTful API, HTTP2 and IT Protocols.
  • 2G/3G Networks: HLR—C, D, Lh, and Gr interfaces.
  • IMS Networks: IMS—Cx, Sh, Zh, N70 & N71 interfaces for VoLTE and service authentication.
  • 4G/LTE Networks: HSS—S6a, Slh, and S6d interface for mobility, authentication and profile management.
  • 5G Network: Nudr, Nudm, Nhss interface for UDM and 5GD UDR. Ud interface for EPC/IMS UDR. N8, N12 & N13, Nausf, Nudm for UDM & AUSF.
  • Wi-Fi Networks: AAA—S6b, Swx, Swa, and Swm for extending coverage
  • Equipment Identity Register: Provides device fraud detection and authorization.
Supported Standards

    iHSS supports all the latest international standards like 3GPP, TISPAN and ETSI

  • Standards: 3GPP 29.228. 29.229; 3GPP2 TSG-X X.S0013-0060 v1.0 and TISPAN; ETSI TS183 033 and 3GPP 29.272.
Multiple Deployment Models

iHSS can be deployed in multiple ways as per the customer’s need as well as existing network architecture. It can be implemented in either one or a combination of following models:

  • Cloud (Private or Public)
  • Bare Metal/Appliance
  • Network Function Virtulization

Future Ready Solution

iHSS Home Subscriber Server is 5G ready and is already compliant to 3GPP Release 15. It has been already evolved to be deployed as Authentication Server Function (AUSF) and Unified Data Management (UDM) for 5G network. Being a software based solution, it will be continuously evolved to support future technologies, standards and protocols as well.