IPDR Management


With a tremendous surge in mobile data usage & shift in the telecom industry from voice to data, all service providers are moving towards an IP network that delivers voice, data, video & mobile applications. Therefore, to safeguard the public from threats like cyber-crime, cyberbullying, cyber terrorism etc. & to help LEAs with their investigations, Regulatory Authorities across the globe have recommended TSPs/ISPs to gather metadata information of their users which may help LEAs with their investigations & Intelligence generation.
In addition, this info can also help enterprises for building future growth strategies including trading,
buying, and selling data to gain insights and drive profits. MetaData generated is being used to create
predictive models, automated processes, and predictive analytics for the subscriber database.

Tracing IP addresses to subscriber devices and their actual users can be very detrimental in investigating
and fighting modern-day crimes. In the current scenario, with everyone leaving a digital footprint finding the
source IP address, TCP port number, date, and time of session can lead to criminals.

Therefore, service providers need an IPDR System /IP Log Management System in their network which shall support Government Agencies by gathering and managing IPDR (Internet Protocol Detail Record) logs of the subscribers and help provide the data which can become the building block of LEAs’ investigations
& intelligence generation.


IPDR Management Platform

PertSol iSecureHL is a fully automated IPDR management system that offers consistent and high-quality IP Logs across the operator’s network domains. It is a web-based system that fetches data from various sources like Internet Traffic, GTP traffic, CGNAT Logs, AAA traffic, etc., and stores them in the form of IPDR. It helps telecom CSPs and LEAs in protecting the public against Cybercrime by providing IPDRs.
iSecureHL in combination with PertSol iNteliProbe deliver the most comprehensive monitoring solutions.
It can simultaneously monitor Internet Traffic for the control plane and User plane. Packets can be captured
via interface cards that support 10G, 40G, 100G interfaces. It is also capable of decoding captured traffic
from layer 2 to layer 7.


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