Telecom Vendor raises 350 crore for 5G

Mumbai based Telecom vendor PertSol recently bagged a contract worth Rs 30 crore from state-run BSNL to deploy Location Based System (LBS) for the telco’s pan-India 2G/3G/4G network. The deployment of LBS was mandated by the telecom department in 2014 under the Unified Access Service License (UASL) rules

Telecom Vendor raises 350 crore for 5G

NEW DELHI:  PertSol (Pert Telecom Solutions) is looking to raise Rs 250-350 crore at the valuation of Rs 1,000 crore from private equity firms to expand its international operations and to build a 5G portfolio to tap the domestic opportunity, sources said.

“PertSol is in discussions with certain organizations and PE to raise funds for their expansion plans,” a source familiar with the matter told ET. “The company is planning offices in the US, the UK and Singapore.”

The person added that the company intends to also use the money to expand its 5G solutions portfolio which will help to to tap tier 1 and tier 2 telecom operators in India and other global markets.

The company has also bagged a deal from British Telecom (BT) to deploy IPLC Lawful Interception for their Indian ILD network. A company spokesperson confirmed the deal and said that PertSol also won projects from international organisations such as Ring Central for OTT Interception. He, however, didn’t offer any comments on fundraising plans.

“…this year, we have successfully delivered a project in Uganda and are rapidly expanding in other geographies,” the spokesperson added.

Mumbai based Telecom Vendor PertSol recently bagged a contract worth Rs 30 crore from state-run BSNL to deploy Location Based System (LBS) for the telco’s pan-India 2G/3G/4G network. The deployment of LBS was mandated by the telecom department in 2014 under the Unified Access Service License (UASL) rules.

PertSol is currently working with HFCL, L&T and Tech Mahindra as a vendor partner for 4G core to BSNL’s 4G trials for domestic solutions.

Incorporated in 2014, PertSol claims that it has 100% in-house telecom solutions to provide packet core for 3G and 4G LTE data services. It also claims to offer IMS (VoLTE) and the entire packet core stac

iLocator-Location Based Service


iLocator is an ultramodern Location based service is designed and developed to cover all location-tracking needs of Law Enforcement Agencies, Emergency Response Teams, and other National Security Agencies. iLocator was developed after a deep understanding of the gaps and limitations of existing LBS platforms and the needs of various users and subscribers for the system. iLocator helps to capture the distress callers’ locations regardless of their handset model (Smartphone or Feature phone), telecom network type (GSM, CDMA, GPRS, 3G, 4G/LTE, voice only), and telecom infrastructure (GMLC or no-GMLC).

It is capable of integrating with all telecom networks and provides a highly accurate location for distress callers in both urban and rural areas. It also reduces the time to take a call, considering the majority of call takers’ time goes into the pin-pointing location of a distressed caller. Moreover, it also removes the chance of human error as it does not depend upon the call taker’s knowledge of the area to pinpoint the location.

The platform offers automated nearest dispatch vehicle identification with optimal route determination of dispatch vehicle to the distress caller location on the map, hence allowing the response team to reach the distressed citizen in the shortest possible time. Furthermore, the system is designed to help identify hoax calls thus enabling the utilization of resources for the right cause. Integration with Google Emergency Location Services for providing the location of distress callers is an added advantage available with iLocator.

Need of LBS for Emergency Services

In emergencies or moments leading up to an emergency, establishing the accurate location of the people in distress is a quintessential aspect of an effective and prompt rescue plan. If the location of the distressed caller is not automatically made available to the call taker or dispatch team, it leads to a delay in providing an effective and timely response to emergency calls.

It has been observed across the globe that distress callers while making calls to emergency services are in a state of shock and are not always in a lucid state to respond to the operator’s questions. Therefore, most emergency services throughout the world try to keep these questions to a minimum. In such scenarios knowing a person’s location, not only reduces the time taken to gather the caller’s information but also gives an assurance to the caller that HELP IS ON ITS WAY!

PertSol understands the importance of public safety and has conceptualized a Location Enabled Emergency Services that provides Government Agencies and other Emergency Services an instant and accurate location retrieval capability to serve the people better.

PertSol is one of the very few companies in the world which specialize in providing a Location Intelligence Platform for
Emergency Services (iLocator) through Telecom Network regardless of subscriber handset and network type.

PertSol Location-based services have been built with the core purpose of improving the effectiveness and efficiency of tracking the location of callers to enable faster and more timely responses. This makes a solution like iLocator of paramount importance to emergency service providers like police, medical, fire, and disaster rescue teams.

iLocator – Hosted GMLC

In the absence of GMLC at the TSP end, PertSol proposes its hosted GMLC solution which queries the TSP’s network and locates the caller. It is an independent service that is integrated with the TSPs network over a secured communication channel to query its network to generate the location of the distressed caller. It can be implemented either at the TSP premise or at end of the Emergency Service Provider.

LBS For Emergency Services
iLocator Benefits

Et-telecom: pertsol-bags-lbs-contract-from-bsnl

PertSol grabs country-wide Location Based System (LBS) contract from Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL), a Tier 1 and an incumbent Telecom Service Provider in India

BSNL floated a tender for PAN India deployment of LBS across all BSNL’s varied wireless networks. From the numerous bidders eyeing the tender, Pert Telecom Solutions Pvt Ltd (PertSol) was selected by BSNL for deployment of PertSol iLocator in BSNL 2G/3G & 4G networks.

“We will ensure timely implementation. LBS once commissioned will help BSNL to meet DoT LBS requirements/mandates and will also enable BSNL to provide value added services such as fleet management, etc.” Mitesh Vageriya, CEO of PertSol told Economic Times (ET). “The entire platform is in line with Aatma Nirbhar Abhiyan of Govt of India.”


PertSol’s LBS solution – iLocator, is already being used for various State Emergency Services such as UP112, Mumbai100, CG112, MP100, MERS112 and is being implemented in Gujarat112.

The project is a combination of Planning, Engineering, Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning & Annual maintenance of location-based system (including GMLC, SMLC, SAS and e-SMLC) and its Integration with LIS system and CMS for BSNL’s 2G/3G/4G networks across north, east, south & west zones.

Almost a decade ago, Government of India introduced newly mandatory regulations for Indian Telecom Service Providers (TSP’s) including Implementation of Location Based Services (LBS) System.

The inclusion of Location Based Services (LBS) into UAS Licensing Department of Telecommunications (DoT) in 2011, mandated Indian TSP’s to accelerate their move and adapt the new norms.

Post these amendments, another mandate was released by DOT in 2016, where TSP’s were to integrate GMLC (Gateway Mobile Location Centre) with all the PSAP’s (Public Safety Answering Point) providing real-time location of the distress callers to emergency services. This process will ensure the location of all the callers, calling PSAP numbers like 100, 102, 108, and 112 automatically be made available to the Emergency Service Providers by TSP’s in minimal time.

PertSol iLocator (LBS platform) will connect to all PSAP’s and enable BSNL to commercially exploit LBS services across all their circles in India.