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    Telecom Compliance Management (TCM)

    Developing technology-agnostic compliance solutions to mitigate a TSP’s non-compliance risks

    For a Telecom Service Provider (TSP) or Telecom Compliance Management regulations are a fact of everyday life and hence, every TSP across the globe has to put in place systems which comply with the latest rules and regulations of that land.

    All the telecom operators are obliged to adapt to the ever changing market trends because of which they have to include the latest network technologies to meet their subscribers’ needs. In this process they pile up multiple silo systems for various outdated yet still in use telecom technologies. Maintaining all these multiple systems can often lead to non-compliance of regulations as TSPs struggle to track and monitor various telecom compliances which can have risky repercussions.

    At the same time this digital transformation is constantly forcing the regulators to enforce new regulations that resonate synergy with the changed environment in the interest of national security which the telecom operators of that country have to comply.

    Regulatory requirements and legal obligations play a central role in digital transformation processes.

    In order to ensure full compliance with existing and latest/upcoming regulations, TSPs must comprehensively re-examine their business, operations and technology environments. Non-compliance to government regulations can lead to hefty business risks along with financial penalties, incurring your business wasteful costs.

    Allow us to help you ensure full compliance with latest and upcoming government regulations while keeping your risks and compliance initiatives more efficient.

    PertSol understand that implementing and maintaining a wide range of fully regulatory compliant processes without having a robust deck of compliance centric products is not an easy task for TSPs. Hence, we offer a complete Telecom Compliance Product Suite that will assist the operators to suitably meet the current as well as upcoming/future compliance requirements enforced by the local regulatory authority. We will also assist you in the process of meeting the obligations to maintain a green-light status with the various regulatory authorities at all times.

    Find out more about our solutions and how PertSol’s expertise in Telecom Compliance Management can alleviate your regulatory risk worries.

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    Our Portfolio

    iNterceptor is PertSol’s in house developed comprehensive solution for Lawful Interception and Management. It offers lawful interception and analysis of voice, data and content across multiple telecom networks.

    PertSol’s iRAS offers scalable, mobile-ready secure access to enterprise applications and cloud services for any user, anywhere and on any device! It truly offers protection of data while enabling true anywhere-to-anywhere connectivity!

    PertSol iSecureHL is a fully automated and comprehensive monitoring solution for data traffic that offers consistent and high quality IP Logs across your network domains.

    PertSol provides a powerful positioning platform which delivers highly accurate mobile location information and enables service providers in providing location based services to their subscribers.

    Solution Benefits
    Minimize Compliance Risk

    Our product suite will take care of conforming to all existing and upcoming regulations hence minimize all your compliance risks.

    Freeing up TSPs to work on their Core-Competency

    Leave your compliance issues to us and focus on your core competency – gaining the market share.

    Scalable and Flexible Products

    We work closely with our clients to provide tailor made products to best suit their needs.

    Vendor Agnostic Solution

    Our suite of products can be closely integrated with your existing systems thus smoothening your process of adhering to the regulations.

    Mitigate Business Loss and Reputational Harm

    Proactively managing compliance in a holistic manner by using our products can help reduce your costs and sustain reputation at times of trouble.

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